Terms & Conditions

  • Visa assistance is available only to visitors flying on Air Arabia . No other airline bookings will be accepted.
  • Air Arabia will not be responsible for any rejection or delay of the visa application by the UAE Immigration authority.
  • There is no refund of visa fee in case of inability to use the visa for any reason.
  • For any reason if the ticket is fully or partly not utilized, no refund will be provided.
  • Visitors must not board the flight until the visa is approved and must carry copy of the visa.
  • Air Arabia will not be responsible for any fines or penalties that may be imposed on the visitor by the UAE Immigration Authority.
  • Only single entry is allowed. Once the visitor departs from UAE, the visa will be automatically cancelled.
  • The bearer of the visit visa is not allowed to work in the UAE.
  • During or after the visa processing, should there be any cancellation request, the guarantor must pay AED 225/- as cancelation fee.
  • Visa approval is at sole discretion of the immigration officials. In case a visa is rejected, the visa fees is non-refundable and the applicant/guarantor has to pay AED 225/- to clear the rejected application from the immigration system.
  • In case the ticket has been issued before getting the visa, you must cancel the ticket 24 hrs before flight departure if there is any visa approval delay from Immigration. Once visa is approved, the new ticket has to be booked from any Air Arabia sales shop with covering the difference in fare, if any.
  • A refund handling charge of AED 50/- is to be paid at the time of refunding the deposit amount.
  • Deposit refund claims must be made within 03 months from the date of departure of the visitor.


I / We request Air Arabia to sponsor the UAE visa as per the application submitted. I hereby take full responsibility of the visitor’s stay in the UAE. In the event that the visitor does not leave the UAE within the permitted period, I authorize Air Arabia and accept to take legal action to rectify the situation. I also take full responsibility to pay all fines imposed by the immigration authority and Air Arabia authorities for any violation whatsoever. In the event of default to the above conditions I shall forfeit the guarantee deposit and bear all legal consequences.